Los Angeles Dodgers can complete sweep with 10th straight home run

The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently looking on Sunday while seeking to expand a house run series.

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are appreciating a very hot start to this 2019 year that’s completely unlike the beginning they suffered last season.

The Dodgers are 7-2 throughout nine games against division rivals and have won every game in another manner. Some happen to be blowouts, others happen to be from behind.

The 1 constant is that the Dodgers have hit a home run in each and every game. A home run on Sunday, which will be a warranty at Coors Field, will extend that streak.

Heck, the Dodgers could have been searching for a 10-game winning streak directly in the eye to begin the season when it wasn’t for Joe Kelly. Kelly blew a 3 contributes to his first two appearances of this year, accounting for the only 2 losses of the team.

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

The Dodgers are that great to begin the year and the offense is firing on all cylinders. This series isn’t likely to become a item and slumps will occur, but this group is currently showing that when they slump they may not be as bad as last year.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are not just winning matches with the sexy bats, but they’re also extending our Los Angeles Dodgers Beat the Streak series. Every match we choose on a person to find a hit, and they are more times than not, while our stripes aren’t long.

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